Performance Rock Climbing - English
Performance Rock wishes to bring climbing into the urban space and into the neighborhood so more people from our community will have a climbing home in the city.  We bring together music, climbing and meetings between people.  Performance Rock works hard to improve the bouldering sport and the climbing awareness.

Come climb with us!
Sunday - Wednesday : 07:00-23:00

Thursday : 07:00-24:00

Friday*: 11:00-18:00

Saturday :  10:00-22:00

*Every Friday we build new routs

 therefore half of the space will be blocked.
Contact us:
Rival 3 st. tel aviv

Tel: 03-6872880

Fax: 03- 6872844

Morning Pass: 40 Nis
Up until 16:00

Evening (from 16:00) and holiday pass: 60 Nis
Including weekends

Soldiers: 30 Nis

Kids: 40 Nis
Up to age of 8

Yoga class: 35 Nis

Shoes: 10 Nis
Chalk bag: 8Nis
Shoes and chalk together: 15 Nis
First Timers:

Every Sundays and Tuesdays at 19:00-22:00
Is a First Timers night. The best way to get into Bouldering and try it for the first time.
Trainer, shoes and chalk for only 45 Nis.
*Only for firest timers.

3 day pass for 100 Nis
Personal and Can’t be shared.
Valid for tow month.
For first comers only.
Power Thursday’s, Women days:
In our gym we empower women of all ages and personality. We wish to break the stigma that bouldering is a sport only for men.
So we welcome all women to get in for free all day long!
3 day pass: 100 Nis
Personal and Can’t be shared.
Valid for tow month.
For first comers only.

11 Visit Pass:
550 Nis
Can be shared
Valid for six month

One month: 250 Nis
Three month: 685 Nis
230 per month
Half a year: 1250 Nis
208 per month
Year: 2250 Nis
187.5 per month

Unlimited climbing during business hours
Unlimited Yoga classes
Unlimited climbing in Performance Rock Beer Sheva
Special prices in our shop
Special prices for climbing courses

For Half a year and a year memberships:
Free guest that has never visited us before every month